Google Certification, LearnZillion, and Google Classroom Tips

Happy Monday everyone!

I’m going to start the week off by tooting my own horn just a little bit because I’m overjoyed about how my summer has gone so far.  A few accomplishments:

  • I earned my Google Certified Educator (GCE) Level 1 and Level 2 Certification.  If you haven’t gone through the training center, I highly recommend it!  Even if you don’t plan on taking the certification exams ($10 and $25), the free training gave me great ideas to enhance my digital lessons using Google Apps.
  • I became a 2017 LearnZillion Dream Team Content Creator, and I’m super excited to be a part of their latest project!  I just started last week, and I will tell you more about the exciting new content as we roll out at the end of the summer.
  • I just heard today that I am going to be a LearnZillion Ambassador this year!  This is a new position at LearnZillion, but basically I will be helping to develop the content that we will present at conferences, in blog posts, etc.  I will also get to travel to both national and local conferences to talk about my story on the Dream Team and talk about LearnZillion’s resources!

I also have all of these lovely badges I get to display on my websites, social media pages, and email signature.

Google Tutorials

I’m sure there will be more of these throughout the summer, but I am beginning to create some Google tutorials that I want to share with my colleagues throughout this year as we transition to 1:1 Chromebooks.  At the beginning of the year, we are going to encourage everyone to create a Google Classroom for each class so they have a centralized location to distribute announcements/assignments/due dates.  This first tutorial is a quick-start guide to creating and using a Google Classroom site, and it is aimed at beginners, but has a few tips even if you’ve used a Classroom page before.  Feel free to steal it and tweak it for your needs if you need something to take to your school, or need help getting started!  I plan on coming up with a walkthrough of a few more advanced features soon.


Here’s the file in two different formats:

PDF:  4 Tips for Getting Started with Google Classroom
Google Doc:  4 Tips for Getting Started with Google Classroom

Is there anything I’ve left out for beginners, anything I should add?  Leave a comment below!

Tomorrow, I’m going to share some tips on using Google Forms and Sheets!


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