Pen Shaped Mouse for Math Scratchwork

Our math department has been looking for a digital handwriting tool since we found out we were going 1:1 Chromebooks.  At first we were looking into a Wacom Drawing Tablet for each student, because I have one and loooove it, but it turns out they are not compatible with Chrome OS :(.  So we looked into other options.  I stumbled on this pen shaped mouse, and it came in today so I could try it out!  At $19.00 each it looked promising!

It comes with a small mouse pad, a micro USB plug in, a stand, and of course the pen.  The pen has right and left click buttons and a scroll wheel (just like a mouse!) and it has a stylus tip at the other end (perfect for if we get the iPad cart!).

It works great!  This will be perfect for when students want to digitally capture their math work, but don’t want to have to type out there equations, which can get really annoying and time consuming.  I also want to try to introduce students to sketchnoting this year, so this will be good for that too!  Here is a silly Google Drawing I created with it when I opened it!

Handwriting Google Draw

The first week of school, I want to give students some time to play with their new tool and get used to writing with it.  So, I’ve created a couple of Google Drawings with instructions for the skills I want them to practice.  One is specifically for the pen, and the other is for all of the other Drawing tools that I want them to get used to.

HandwritingDrawing Practice

Google Drawing Practice (1)

Here are the files if you would like to use any of them with your classes!

Handwriting and Tracing Practice
Google Drawing Tools Practice

P.S.  If you’ve never used, I highly recommend it!  It’s awesome!  It can take a horrible drawing like the one on the left, and guess what you were trying to draw!  One click and it turns into some awesome clipart like the ones on the right!



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