Countdown to Launch – Part 1 (Eclipse Activities)

Hello all, sorry I’ve been on hiatus from blogging the past several weeks, but there was a lot of important work happening in that time.  Here are a few:

  • I’ve been working long hours finishing up my new LearnZillion lessons, which are getting close to being done!  I will share them when they are officially published on the site.
  • I’ve been trying to get through the books I wanted to read this summer:  Teaching Math with Google Apps, The Innovator’s Mindset, and LAUNCH!  I’m still not quite there, but making progress
  • I’ve been working on getting my room ready for school, which starts in 8 days!?!  (Post coming tomorrow with pics!)
  • I’ve been meeting with fellow teachers to plan activities for the Eclipse, since we will be in school and experience over 99% totality.  This is what I’d like to share today, in case anyone else is thinking of doing any activities, and you want to steal some of ours :).


Image result for eclipse 2017 illinois map

We will be experiencing the eclipse with our students, which I am really excited about for three reasons:

  1. I’ve never seen an eclipse before, so I am getting very nerdy excited over here!
  2. Our math department is going space themed, so this should make it a great start to the year in getting our students immersed into space ideas.
  3. We haven’t done a district-wide type activity since I’ve been teaching, and it’s going to be awesome!


Here is our basic eclipse day plan:

  • 7-12th grade students will travel to the elementary schools to teach the younger kids about the eclipse.
  • We will come back to school, serve snacks, and watch a short eye safety video from a local optometrist.
  • We will put together a time capsule that will be opened on the next eclipse day in our area, which will be April 8, 2024 where we will get 100% totality!
  • We will eat lunch on the football field to get ready for the eclipse.
  • We will watch the darkest part of the eclipse on the football field as a 7-12 building with our safety glasses!
  • We will come back into the building and watch the locally-produced documentary, Countdown to the Eclipse.

I am really excited about the chance to work together as a district to make all of this happen, and I’m excited my students will have the chance to research and teach the younger students!  The Thursday-Friday before the eclipse they will be researching in their math and science classes, and they will focus on a specific topic.  We are giving them a basic Google Doc that has hyperlinks and guiding questions to get them started.  Those are linked below if you decide you want to use any of this at your school!

I will share lots of pictures when eclipse day is over, I just wanted to go ahead and post our ideas now in case anyone is looking into activities they can adapt for older kiddos!


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