Countdown to Launch – Part 2 (Classroom Makeover)

I am excited to announce my classroom is finally finished!  I have been working most of the summer to space-ify my classroom in honor of our math department’s new space theme for the year!  Here’s what my classroom looked like before I changed it.



Besides getting 24 desks that matched (score!)  I took the bones of what I had and space-ified everything!  My mom, Laura, did a TON to help me get ready, and did all of the artsy painting touches!  Thanks mom!!

My favorite touches:

  • Awesome posters from Apollo and shuttle missions.
  • Hand-painted moon and pi numbers on my bulletin board, with a cool earth background for my pi.
  • My word wall has been re-done with keyboard shortcuts and inspirational space quotes instead of math terms.  (I made my math terms into magnets and stuck them to my metal cabinets.
  • All of the elements that were dark brown in the room have been redone with gray and/or shiny silver.
  • The PVC launch tower my husband and I built to go over the giant A/C unit in my room.

The only finishing touch I am hoping to add is a large poster on the back wall between the two windows.  I am wanting a map with paths of orbits like the one shown here, or possibly even a poster of the whole control room like this:

Image result for control room NASA 1960s

I am super excited to start off this school year and can’t wait to get my students in here!  Next week I will post some pics of our first week of school!  Our teachers return Monday and Tuesday, and then our students return to school on Wednesday!


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