4C’s Conference Part 2: Two Projects that are Scary, Exciting, and Could Completely Change my Class Culture!

In yesterday’s post, I listed out my biggest takeaways from the 4C’s conference I attended this past week.  In short, I went in looking for ways to use our 1:1 Chromebooks to create powerful learning for my students.  While I did get that, I was inspired to do so much more.  This school year, I […]

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Open Middle Brain Dump

Usually I go home at the end of the conference with a couple of helpful websites and ideas, but mostly I am frustrated. I know I’m probably not alone in that regard.

But this PD is supposed to help us get better at teaching…right? Right?

I am basically just working on these presentations in the hopes that I will get to present them…someday? If working with LearnZillion’s Dream Team taught me anything, it’s that the best PD comes when you are creating something for a real purpose, and getting to workshop it with colleagues. Enter my presentation.

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Launch and Landing

A quick addition to my space-themed post on Tuesday.  Two students along with Mrs. Zieren (our department head) have worked all week on a decoration for the math hallway for next year.  This banner, just finished a couple days ago, carries one of the quotes that has inspired this whole space theme (and blog title) for the […]

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A Year in Space

Somehow, my best and most rich ideas come late at night. As a math teacher, I am constantly searching for inspiration, but every once in awhile, lightning strikes and my late-night math insomnia kicks in. Usually at the other end comes a really cool lesson or activity or task for my students. I am hoping, in this case, that the result will be a really great year of learning for my 2017-2018 students. For my first ever blog post, I give you…a year in space!

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